Not long ago our lives were in a rhythm and while every day was different, most of us could settle into a routine “way of life”. The rise of COVID-19 and the need for social distancing changed everything and divorce law was no different. For years the best divorce lawyers would learn new details of the practice as they arose, but there were never fundamental changes.Top divorce attorneys ran their practice the same way for decades, and could generally predict how long or expensive a divorce case would be for their clients. The global pandemic changed everything, and now a case that could have been heard by a Judge in person and concluded in less than a year might take much longer and involve a virtual trial via Zoom. Now Court settings are being pushed back months as courts go on lockdown due to positive COVID tests among court staff. For many couples facing the scary reality of separating from their spouse, divorce mediation provides a more efficient and less expensive option. Instead of being stuck in a long line with other unhappy couples waiting for the Court to have time to hear the hundreds of cases on the docket, mediation clients negotiate their divorce on their own terms, often in as little as a few months. If you or a loved one is considering divorce as a way forward, consider mediation as an option to bring a quicker and calmer resolution for all.