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Training Testimonials

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Training Testimonials

“Marta is so knowledgeable and yet so relatable. I was concerned in advance that it would be too technical (since Marta is a very experienced attorney). Marta speaks in plain language and utilizes real stories to convey the points. Excellent training!”

“I had heard over the years from other attorneys that Marta Papa was really the one to see for the best in mediation training. They were 100% dead on. I had my eyes opened to revelations that will be invaluable not only in mediating but in my own personal relationships, whether they be family or professional.”

“Very good training. Ms. Papa is clearly an invaluable resource in the field of mediation. Her experience as a divorce attorney was also incredibly helpful to her instruction. The range of professional backgrounds of the participants provided insightful interaction. Would highly recommend for judges, attorneys, and non-attorneys.”

“Content was great, presentor’s energy and enthuaism was motivational”

“It’s 40-hours, but I can sit and listen to Marta all day! I wouldn’t change a thing! Well organized and effective training!”

“Marta is an amazing mediator and instructor. She communicates in a very clear and concise manner to make complicated ideas easy to understand. She encourages interaction with the students and answers every question. Her boundless energy and enthusiastic attitude make the students want to absorb her knowledge. Marta effectively combines her mediation experiences and techniques to teach the students and help them become educated, skilled future mediators. I would strongly recommend any of Marta’s courses to anyone interested in working in the field of family mediation.”

“Marta was absoutely amazing. I learned so much about myself and my skills. Mediation is so much broader than I realized. I also learned lots of skills I can take into my law practice.”

“Very informative and the [Marta] made it extremely interesting. 40-Hours is a long course but she made the time fly!”

“Marta Papa demonstrated an enthusiasm and excitement for the subject matter that was not only instructive but contagious. The materials were comprehensive and practical – a combination not often seen at CLE courses. Ms. Papa is a natural teacher. She motivated with optimism and positive criticisms. Her high-energy style moved the course forward and made us want to learn more about the subject.”

“Marta is an excellent teacher and mediator! Her resources are wonderful and her shared experience as a mediator was extremely beneficial. Great job!”

“The instructor was not only knowledgeable about the subject matter but also the course design, which included didactic, video, role play, and discussion which was effective and stimulating. I never got bored. There were financial planners, lawyers, and mental health professionals learning and teaching together. Very rich. Marta is such an advocate for couples and families. The approach of mediation is such a respectable way to facilitate clients’ own growth and self-respect. Thank you!”

“Marta always allowed questions to be asked. She maintained a steady pace. She not only lectured, but also gave out very helpful reading materials, videos, and reference materials (for example, parenting plans). Very knowledgeable and willing to help!”

“Ms. Papa provides a very comfortable teaching environment that allows great freedom for discussion and questions. Ms. Papa has an incredible amount of experience and is extremely generous in imparting her knowledge to her students. She has ignited great excitement in exploring the mediation area in this student. Without question, this is the best CLE I have ever attended.”

“Thanks to Marta Papa and all the class for allowing me to have the opportunity to learn that behavioral science and legal people can work together easily in society, just as the parents work together for the sake of their children. Because of Marta, mediators will have a better life in the future. Mediator Marta is a pioneer and we mediators will benefit from all her hard grassroots’ work. My hat is off to the graduating 40-hour Divorce Mediation workshop class of (June) 2010 for a great week.

Thank you,
Teresa Heidenry”