In the midst of COVID-19 our world is rapidly changing. Social distancing has become important to reduce the speed of the virus’ spread. Tensions are high in quarantined households as close quarters can exacerbate relationship issues that were tolerable under “normal” circumstances. How can you tell whether quarantine has caused your unhappiness, or there are more significant relationship issues at the root of your discontentment?

In my recently published book, 7 Secrets from The Divorce Whisperer, I lay out 25 crucial questions that help to answer just that. Below I will provide three that I believe to be particularly important in these unprecedented times:

  1. What are your current sources of fear, conflict, and stress?
  2. What kind of life do you need to live to be happy?
  3. What needs to change so you can live this life?

After reflecting on these questions and your current situation, if you keep coming back to your spouse then you have a difficult decision to make. How are going to take action to mitigate or solve the troubles in your life? 

In the age of social distancing, you may be wondering, “can I even get divorced?” 

I am here to tell you, yes!

Despite the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19, our office is still hard at work assisting clients using technology when courts are closed. We are still offering mediation services, which allow couples to get divorced without ever leaving their homes to enter a courtroom or a lawyer’s office. Through Zoom, a video conferencing software, my office is continuing to help clients get divorced through virtual mediation sessions. 

So, what is virtual mediation? Mediation is a type of divorce where couples are able to be in charge of the decision-making process. This allows them to save themselves and their children from the emotional damage that is inevitable in a traditional litigated divorce. At the same time, couples can protect their assets and avoid spending thousands of dollars to fight in court. Through Zoom, we are able to video conference with both parties at once, offering them guidance while they decide the terms of their divorce. We merely act as a neutral third-party who helps the couple through the legal morass and points of contention as they come up. In a few sessions, couples are able to resolve all the details of their divorce. Our office then turns the couple’s decisions into legalese and the legal paperwork is submitted to the court via the court’s computer system. The judge can then review the paperwork on his or her own computer, sign in the appropriate places, and the couple’s divorce is granted with the strike of the judge’s pen. Once the judge signs the documents, the divorce is final.  

Mediation is the divorce of choice for social distancing! Divorce rates are skyrocketing in China as couples emerge from quarantine. Researchers predict that this trend will likely be replicated in the United States. Through Zoom, you and your spouse don’t have to wait on the courts to stay open. You can mediate and get divorced quickly, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional divorce involving two attorneys who fight it out in Court. 

Feel free to contact our office (314-862-0202 or if you have any questions and a team member will be more than happy to assist you.