Is there a way to make divorce less stressful and more affordable?

Yes. And it all sums up to “mediation”.

How It’s Less Stressful

Mediation is less stressful because spouses are in charge of decision making. It allows a couple to handle their affairs rather than letting the legal system take control.

Having more control over decision making in divorce means there are no surprises and couples can move as slow or fast as they want through the process– they move according to their own timeline. There are no legal deadlines when you mediate.

How It’s More Affordable

The average American divorce now costs $27,000 per party. That’s a lot of money. I’ve had clients go into their children’s college fund to get money to pay me. That’s just so wrong. These clients spend thousands of dollars to get the same result a mediated case would produce.

Mediation can really mitigate those costs. Most of my clients are finished with all the decisions necessary to resolve all their divorce issues within three to four sessions with me. Then I write up their agreements in legalese, it is taken to a judge, the judge signs it and they’re divorced


Couples either win together or lose together in divorce. You lose in a divorce together when you fight– you lose money, increase tension and conflict, and lose control of the decision-making.

Mediation is the key to working through divorce in the least painful and most cost-effective way. To learn more about what makes a couple ideal candidates for mediation, check out this blog.

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